3D/VR  Stereo Photo Viewer (SPV) for Android phones (version 4.4 and higher) is an app that gives you a quick and easy way to view your stereo (3D side-by-side, parallel) photos stored on your phone or accessible over the Internet. It can display individual left and right photos as a side by side 3D image and stereo image file types, MPO and JPS.

It gives you the capability to view 3D photos from Web galleries, your WIFI connected memory storage devices, or a HTTP server on your local network.

The app displays side-by-side (parallel) format stereo photos for viewing with a phone stereoscope (Lorgnette), including Virtual Reality head sets used for Google Cardboard/VR (Mattel View-Master VR viewer and Samsung Gear VR) and the Cyclopital3d View-Vaster stereoscope among others.

For the Gear VR headset you will need an app like 
Cardboard CB Enabler For Gear VR to turn off Gear VR software from loading automatically which will prevent Google Cardboard VR apps from running.


3D/VR Stereo Photo Viewer User Guide

Tekla Inc

3D/VR Photography Apps for Google Cardboard Android


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