3D/VR Photography Apps for Google Cardboard Android

Tekla Inc

Capture stereo photos using the Camera Cha-Cha method

After launching a camera app with the Camera Cha-Cha menu option, first capture the left eye photo, next move to the right 65 mm (about 2.5 inches) staying parallel to your subject, and then capture the right eye photo. The resulting stereo image will appear in the viewer and is stored in the folder:  /Pictures/SPViewer as separate left ( _L) and right ( _R) images with a date-timestamp prefix.

Your subject must remain still because movement will be show up as a blur in the 3D view.

It helps to use a 3x3 grid overlay with the camera app to offset the main subject in the photo for the best 3D effect. The grid show you relative position when taking the right eye photo.

For the best presentation of the cha-cha photos, use an application like Stereo Photo Maker to align, crop, and resize your 3D photo taken with the cha-cha method for viewing in SPV.

Given that many phones have a 16x9 aspect ratio screen display, the full area of a phone's display can be filled when both left and right images are cropped to a 8x9 aspect ratio assuming the type of subject matter, for example, portraits, supports this cropping ratio. Normally other photo aspect ratios will have black bars above and below the photo on the screen due to shrinking to fit each half of the display.