Example URL link to Burning Man 3D 2014 photos, a site with HTML5 StereoPhotoMaker generated photos.

URL Links

The web URL links are prefixed with  http:// and https://  Not all websites with embedded parallel side by side photos can be viewed. Some require special access procedures not implemented with this app.

Browsing the Internet for 3D photos

Launch your the Chrome browser on your phone and search for 3D images. With Google Image search in the Chrome browser select a photo to show full screen, then press and hold the screen to bring up a menu for opening the image. This step will show the web page containing the image. Now use the Chrome option to share the image and select Share via "Copy to clipboard". Return to SPV to view the image you selected with its Web page URL in the clipboard.

URI Links

The URI link is a path to a folder prefixed with: 

With the URI you can reference a folder on your phone for display. For example, on the Samsung Galaxy S6 the internal memory folder can be referenced as  

On the Sony Z1S phone SD card the reference to folder is
and internal memory folder with 

Besides Browse Folders menu item, there three other ways to access photos on the Web or phone memory folders using URL/URI links.

  1. QR codes with URL/URL links
  2. Clipboard URL/URI link.
  3. Settings menu for Display (URL) server link under Network, Photo Server URL/URI. Change the link in the Settings page.

QR Code URL/URI Links

To save time and eliminate typing errors, copy a stereo web page URL or file URI link, and create a QR code from it. A handy web page for this is http://goqr.me  The QR code image can be downloaded to create printed documents. The SPV app can read the QR code from another computer screen or overhead projection display. The SPV app utilizes whatever QR scanning app you choose, such as the Android app "Barcode Scanner". 

Once the app scans the QR code it can be configured to save it in the clipboard for later recall.

When using Google Chrome browser on a PC, install "The QR Code Extension" from the Google extension store. Now when you see a web page or photo I want to view in SPV, click the QR Code Extension to generate the page QR Code on your computer screen. Using Display QR Code

Link menu option, SPV will read the web page and display all the photos found. This feature allows you to view any photo embedded in a web page, not just stereo photos.

Example URL link to Morris Arboretum Insect Sculptures Exhibit at http://www.andymodlaphotography.com

(Smugmug.com hosted web site).

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